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ISVs – you can create a real point of difference by building a cost-effective Watson Assistant into your own solutions, or your customers’.

AI Assistant
User friendly interface
Natural language processing
implified dialogue
Pre-built content
Analytics and recommendations
Data privacy
Multi-channel solution

Watson Assistant APIs

Everything you need to build your perfect AI chatbot included.

Watson Assistant enables seamless connection to messaging channels, web environments and social networks to make scaling simple. Here are just some of the ways that Watson Assistant helps ISVs to configure a workspace and develop your application to suit your needs.

Meet AVA, the Autodesk Virtual Agent.

Autodesk is an ISV serving a number of key industries, such as architecture, engineering, construction and media.

When their business changed to a subscription-based model, they needed to provide real-time customer service and support to handle an increasing number of enquiries. The solution would also have to resolve ‘Tier 1’ questions faster, and to deliver a high-quality service for a lower cost.

They needed a Watson Assistant.

AVA (Autodesk Virtual Agent) was built using IBM’s Watson Assistant AI technology. She uses Watson’s natural language processing and deep learning techniques to understand a wide range of customer enquiries and respond to them as a human would, in real-time, in multiple languages.

Designed to resolve many common support issues, she is the first stop for any customer interaction.

AVA’s incredible capabilities include:

• 24/7/365 service

• 99% faster customer response times

• Supports 100,000 conversations a month

• Enquiry resolution time cut from 1.5 days (human agent) to 5.4 minutes (AVA)

• Cost per case cut from $15 - $200 (human agent) to $1 (AVA)

• Customer satisfaction is the same whether they chat to AVA or a human agent

With AVA quickly resolving large numbers of low-level queries, Autodesk’s improved customer service delivers more value to their customers, while freeing up staff to spend time on more complex challenges.

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If you’re an ISV you can build your own Assistant, and get started – for free.

Watson Assistant 1-year free trial services included:

✔ $12,000 in Cloud migration credits for 6 months

✔ 100,000 API calls per month, 10 workspaces (or chatbots), 200 intents, 200 entities

✔ Wordpress integration

✔ 1 technical consultation

✔ 1 code pattern

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