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Welcome to SaaS Assist

With the IDC predicting that SaaS will grow nearly 5x faster than traditional software, and that IT-as-a-Service will represent more than half of IT spending by the 2021, it’s not surprising that many ISVs are offering cloud based solutions.

The speed at which the commercial marketplace for business software is moving from on-premise purchases to Software as a Service (SaaS) is still accelerating in 2018.

So whether you are considering SaaS for the first time, looking to develop your first SaaS solution, are already offering SaaS solutions and are in the process of developing a new one, creating and launching a SaaS solution can represent a major readjustment, with implications to be considered that could affect all aspects of your business.

How can we help?

At IBM, we’d like to partner you throughout your journey to the cloud. Along the way we can help you answer questions like, "How should SaaS change my business?", "How do I maximise the opportunity?" and "How do I avoid the pitfalls?".

We’re engaged in SaaS ourselves, understand the technology and the software involved, and have a multitude of offerings. So we’re very aware that SaaS isn’t a case of ‘one size fits all’.

Therefore we need to listen to you to learn what your requirements are – and then to advise.

It’s what SaaS Assist was set up to do.

  • Commercial
  • Technology
  • Service Delivery
  • Sales

SaaS Assist and you

SaaS Assist is an IBM Programme created for ISVs. It’s aim is to provide support and help for all ISVs, from those who are successfully developing and selling software solutions as on-premise licences, through to those who are pure SaaS providers.

It’s designed to enable you take advantage of IBM’s expertise and capabilities, when you need to, to help make SaaS a success for you.

The assistance we offer ISVs is very wide ranging – from advice, to technical support, to marketing, to financial – and it covers ISVs at every stage of their SaaS journey.

SaaS Assist 4 Pillars of Support

From our engagements with ISVs on their SaaS strategy, we’ve built up an understanding of what’s important to them.

As a result, we’ve developed a systematic yet highly flexible approach offering 4 Pillars of Support – each Pillar covering specific considerations in the journey from on-premise to the cloud.

As no two ISVs are the same, or at the same stage of their journey, you can work with IBM to discuss and explore any number of elements from any our 4 Pillars of Support.


This includes defining the target marketplace, addressing the need for a business plan to generate profit, and understanding how SaaS might affect cash flow.


Covering vital considerations such as security, performance of the mobile experience and which operating platform to run a SaaS offering on.

Service Delivery

Answering questions such as: Will the service be run by an ISV or a hosting partner?


Explaining IBM’s commitment – financial, marketing, resource and strategic – to helping ISVs with the successful launch and sale of their SaaS solution.