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Video that earns its keep

Are you watching?  Do you binge watch?  How's your own management broadcasting their vision?  Apologies if that's all a bit impersonal but almost all research I've read in recent months, tells us that video is by far the most engaging way of talking to customers and prospects. Maybe you share that point of view?  Have you ever thought, though, that your video content itself could be working harder?

Across the scope, from the internal corporate video, through the live events, down to the marketing videos, even social feeds, the opportunity to speak to people in this way has never been greater or arguably easier thanks to built in cameras and apps on all our smartphones, laptops and tablets. In 2015, MarketsandMarkets research suggested the video market would be worth $36.84bn by 2020 and if anything it’s ahead of target. It’s easy to assume it’s too simple, though.  Moreover when you consider that all that video is comparatively inexpensive Cloud based, Pay As You Go Video, that $36.84bn is a lot of content.  How will you make sure your video hits it's desired mark and viewer?

Your video has to work on different platforms – by which I mean ‘any screen size that any phone or tablet manufacturer might fancy releasing at any time’. This can be complex. It’s also got to be targeted properly; whether on your own platform or through an external service, it’s got to reach its target market where they want to see it.

It should also tell you about your market and how it is responding. How long are they watching, what are they doing next? Is there a particular time of day they want to watch or are you missing some demographics?

All of these questions and many more are addressed by IBM Cloud Video. Yes, the figures confirm that video is far and away the most engaging manner of talking to employees, clients and prospects; the state of the market also tells us that anyone with a smartphone can probably knock a video together and stick it on YouTube. The serious enterprise needs scalability, enhanced analytics with cognitive and artificial intelligence-infused technologies and every care taken to get rid of unnecessary work by simplifying the management of the video process.

Whether streaming or on demand, multi or single screen, IBM Watson feeds into the IBM Cloud Video to make a more productive experience every time.

Try it for free here or email me at Make it video and let me and your team at IBM show your best side! 

By Claire Bodle at 8 Nov 2017, 12:46 PM
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